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Blog:How Things Work: Lot Sizes

Apr 02, 2014 Cristian St. Aubyn, Senior Technical Artist

Blog:CHALLENGE #5(链接出错,请查询43#)

Apr 04, 2014  MAXIS

SimCity: The Extended Worker Data Mod and more

Mar 20, 2014  Guillaume Pierre, Lead Gameplay Scripter

SimCity Offline Play Now Available for PC and Mac, New Details Inside

Mar 18, 2014 Meghan McDowell, Producer


Mar 12, 2014  Associate Producer George Pigula


Feb 05, 2014  George Pigula, Associate Producer

Blog:How Things Work: Architecture and Space in SimCity

Jan 30, 2014  Cristian St. Aubyn, Senior Technical Artist

Blog:SimCity Cities of Tomorrow: The Hybrid Strategy Blog

Jan 21, 2014  Game Designer Chris Schmidt

Blog:Engineering SimCity for Offline Play

Jan 14, 2014  Simon Fox, Lead Engineer, Single Player Mode

Blog:SimCity Offline Is Coming

Jan 12, 2014  General Manager of the Maxis Emeryville studio Patrick Buechner

Blog:Modding and SimCity
Jan 09, 2014  SimCity Development Team


Jan 07, 2014  George Pigula, Associate Producer
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Jan 07, 2014  George Pigula, Associate Producer
Challenge Type: Skill
Submitted by User: TheCraftKid
Region: Desolation
City Site: Vastrap Ridge
Restrictions: No use of OmegaCo Coal or Ore Shafts. No use of the meteor natural disaster.
Start Date: Jan 8th, 2014
End Date: Jan 24th, 2014
Winners Announced: Jan 31st, 2014

Title: Digging in the Desert
Challenge: Vastrap Ridge is lacking in water, scenic views, and herds of llamas. But it does have tons of coal and ore just beneath the surface. This challenge is all about maximizing your mining effort. You may need supporting cities in your region to keep your mining effort working smoothly.
You will be judged on the amount of coal and ore you can dig up per day. This stat can be seen on the mining tab of the City Specialization menu. Submit your screenshot/video of this screen along with your entry.
Submissions: To submit your city go here and post the following required info.
When entering your city include the following details (entries without these details will not be considered):
·Screenshot or video of your city
·Screenshot of your mining panel
· Origin ID
  Origin ID
· Server Name
· City Name

These details will be used to verify your entry and will be judged by a panel of developers from the Maxis studio. Eligible cities must be created on or after the start date of the Challenge. Cities created before this date will be disqualified. Only one submission per Origin ID accepted.
Maxis工作室的开发小组将会用这些信息来确认您在输入板面上的信息。符合条件的城市必须在挑战的开始日期或之后创建。在这之前创造的城市将会取消比赛资格。我们只接受一个Origin ID的信息。

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SimCity Offline Is Coming【译文】
Jan 12, 2014  General Manager of the Maxis Emeryville studio Patrick Buechner

Let’s get right to it.


I’ve wanted to say those words for quite some time, so my apologies that I didn’t take the time to say Happy New Year first.

Yes, Offline is coming as a free download with Update 10 to all SimCity players. When we launch it, all of your previously downloaded content will be available to you anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. We are in the late phases of wrapping up its development and while we want to get it into your hands as soon as possible, our priority is to make sure that it’s as polished as possible before we release it. So, until then… testing, testing and more testing. As one of the final steps, we’re putting Offline into the hands of some of our most hardcore players, the DevTesters. This group of volunteers is going to put Offline through its paces before we release it.

In Update 10, you can still play solo in Regions on your own, or in Multiplayer with people from around the world. What’s new is the Single Player Mode, which allows you to play the game Offline by yourself. And because your saved games in this mode are stored locally, you can save and load to your heart’s content. Our team will be delivering a follow-up blog that will outline the full details in the near future so stay tuned.

So what does this mean for the Online game? All of the benefits of being connected will remain including access to Multiplayer, the Global Market and Leaderboards. And all of your pre-existing saved cities and regions will still be accessible should you log-in to the Online game.

Bringing the game Offline means big things for our wonderful community of Modders. They can now make modifications to the game and its components without compromising the integrity of the Online game. Modding is a big part of our studio’s legacy and we’re excited to see what you guys create. Check out this thread to learn about Oppie85’s Central Train Station, which you can put into your game right now, and if you’re interested in making your own content take a look at the Modding Policy. To get you started, we will be rolling out a series of tutorials from the studio that surfaces how we’ve created some of the content that you’ve seen so far in hopes of inspiring your creativity.
离线游戏最大的意义就是精彩的Mod。现在他们可以在忽略线上游戏平衡性的基础上对游戏的内容进行调整。Mod是我们团队的遗产的一个重要组成部分,我们很兴奋看到你们创造。点击this thread来看看ST的Oppie85’s Central Train Station,你可以使用它!如果你在制作它们,可以点击Modding Policy这个。为了让你们开始行动,我们将陆续在工作室推出一系列来阐述我们如何去创造一些你们已经见过的组件的教程一次来激发你们的创造力。

So that’s it from me for the time being. Keep an eye out for more information on Offline shortly. We’ll be releasing more information on how it all works. And as always, get in touch with me on Twitter @EAGamer, I’m always eager to read your feedback.

From me, and everyone at the studio, thank you again for staying with us. We look forward to getting Offline for SimCity into your hands as soon as possible.
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ccy016 发表于 2014-1-13 23:20
很好,EA迫使Maxis用一次性的销量,把核心用户群全部耍了一遍。坐等EA主动关停大批服务器。 ...

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离线能用MOD是好事.EA坑够钱了,才放手,o(︶︿︶)o 唉
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ccy016 发表于 2014-1-14 15:43
要是EA真的做到不对离线MOD审核,再加上解一些长时间游戏情况下累积性的问题(比如平常不堵,连续玩了5+小 ...

“ non-commercial license to use and display the SimCity Content and to create derivatives based on the SimCity Content solely in connection with the Mod and conditioned on compliance with these Rules. ”
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Engineering SimCity for Offline Play【译文】
Jan 14, 2014  Simon Fox, Lead Engineer, Single Player Mode

Hi, I’m Simon Fox, lead engineer on the Single Player Mode for SimCity, and I’m here to tell you more about how we engineered Offline gameplay for SimCity.
嗨,我是Simon Fox,《模拟城市》离线工程师,在这里我会告诉你关于更多的《模拟城市》我们是怎么设计离线模式的。

When the game released, our fans were calling for Offline. I rallied the team to start making that happen as soon as practical after launch.


The original creative vision for SimCity was to make a game where every action had an effect on other cities in your region. As such, we engineered the game to meet this vision, setting up the player’s PC (client) to communicate all of its information to the servers. That means that our entire architecture was written to support this, from the way that the simulation works to the way that you communicate across a region of cities. So yes, while someone was able to remove the “time check” shortly after launch, they were unable to perform key actions like communicating with other cities that they had created locally, or with the rest of their region(s), or even saving the current state of their cities.

My team did, however, see a path forward towards Offline, one that would maintain the integrity of the simulation. Lucy once said that Offline wouldn’t be possible “without a significant amount of engineering work”, and she’s right. By the time we’re finished we will have spent over 6 ½ months working to write and rewrite core parts of the game to get this to work. Even things that seem trivial, like the way that cities are saved and loaded, had to be completely reworked in order to make this feature function correctly.


I wish it were as simple as flipping a switch and telling the game to communicate with a dummy client rather than our server, but it’s more than that. Entire calculations had to be rewritten in order to make the game function correctly.

SimCity was written to rely on the servers. The game routinely pings the servers for critical pieces of data (region status, workers, trading etc.) and it relies on that information to keep the simulation moving. This meant rewriting the entire system, which previously existed in Java, and putting it into C++. We’ve had to knock out the internet pipe stuff. There’s lots of code that hits the servers looking for information. We’ve had to write a lot of code to produce that data locally, specifically for region information.

Our game routes pieces of data from one city to another as data flows through the regions. All of that code exists on the server, and now we’ve brought all of that down into the client. The client processes the region box, which is what all of the cities pushes their data into. We’ve brought that down into the client as well.

And now, all of the regional simulation needs to be done locally. The algorithms governing trading between cities needed to be retuned in order to make the behavior between cities more responsive for this type of play. This in itself required major optimizations in order to run the simulation locally. We have an obligation to make the game fun and functional on all specs of machines. We wouldn’t want someone who was enjoying the Multiplayer game to find the Single Player game crippled due to poor optimization.

And it’s not just adding, we had to remove parts of the game for it to function properly as well. This means removing lots of code integral to Multiplayer include code and UI supporting Trading, Social Features, Global Market, Leaderboards and Achievements. And, all without crippling the Multiplayer game.

So where are we at right now? We’ve been working on this since August and now, we’ve hit Alpha and are in the final stages of testing before we release it as part of Update 10 in the future. On behalf of the engineering team, thank you for your patience on this one. We know you want Offline play in SimCity and we are really happy that we are finally getting ready to deliver it to you.
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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow: The Hybrid Strategy Blog【译文】
Jan 21, 2014  Game Designer Chris Schmidt

In SimCity Cities of Tomorrow, players have two new specializations to choose from: the green Academy, and the money making OmegaCo. While these two may seem like they are in opposition, they actually share a number of advantages when used together to form a Hybrid city. A Hybrid city takes the profits of Omega sales and applies them towards the development of the Academy technology which allows a skilled player to take advantage of the content SimCity Cities of Tomorrow has to offer in a single city.

The Academy brings to the table a number of great technologies, but its biggest weakness is the reliance on finicky high-wealth Sims to keep their facilities humming with ControlNet, and the overall expense of running an Academy city. OmegaCo on the other hand provides your Sims with the Omega they crave and a nice green lining for your treasury, but you’ll find it to be at the expense of your Sims’ health. When building a Hybrid city, it’s important to find a balance between these two.研究中心会带来很强大的科技,但是最大的缺点就是需要高收入Sims的能力产生更多的ControlNet,以及运作研究中心城的昂贵费用。OmegaCo一方面为你的Sims提供渴望的Omega,另一方面在国库提供收入,但是你会发现这一切的代价是牺牲你Sims的健康。当建立这种混合城市时,发现这两者之间的平衡是很重要的。


Generally speaking it’s easiest to start on your road to a Hybrid city by focusing on whichever one of the two you want to take advantage of first. Starting with OmegaCo will provide a nice boost to your economy, but requires you to build a lot of factories and may heavily pollute your city. This may give you the money to take advantage of the pollution scrubbers to reverse the damage later, but it may make for a rough start getting your Academy up and operational. On the flipside, starting with the Academy will require more planning in advance, if you don’t you may find yourself bulldozing your downtown in order to get to the precious Oil you need to get a head start in building out your OmegaCo.


The key to a successful Hybrid city is segmentation, or building out your city in such a way as to keep a balance between each group’s needs. When I build a Hybrid city, I usually start out with OmegaCo, choosing a site that has plenty of Ore and Oil if one is available, and checking the wind heavy data layer to make sure I set up my industrial district downwind from where I plan on having my High Wealth Sims live. While this won’t prevent the heavy ground pollution from seeping out, you can delay the effects of pollution on your Sims by keeping the more immediate problem of air pollution at bay. My first priority is getting my OmegaCo up and running so I can turn a profit. It’s important to overbuild your industrial zones at the start so that you can get the most profit out of your Omega, as the conversion of industrial buildings is key to spreading your Omega quickly. Once I have built up enough money to keep my resources and Omega flowing, it’s time to switch gears and build my Academy.一个成功的混合城市的关键是需要细分它们,或是建立一种平衡关系在两者时间保持。当我建立一个混和城市,我通常用OmegaCo作为起点,选择一个有油有矿的矿藏丰富地点开始,检查风向确保工业区在高收入Sims的下风口不会影响高收入Sims的生活。这一点不会阻挡住污染渗透到地面,你可以延迟工业区对Sims的影响,紧迫的问题是让空气污染在一个角落里。我首要的任务是让OmegaCo运作起来给我带来利润。最重要的是建立更多的工业区让Omega获得最大利润,Omega传播的关键是工业区转换。一旦我有了足够的资金让城市运作以及Omega的流动,是时候开始研究中心的建造了。


To get the Academy working properly you will need to have a High Wealth district and to keep your factories working you will need a Low Wealth district in addition to the factories themselves. In SimCity Cities of Tomorrow, the most efficient way to achieve this is through the use of Elite MegaTowers. Elite MegaTowers give players the opportunity to have communities of workers in a compact area, which allows you to satisfy the needs of High Wealth Sims without having to raise the land value of most of your city, or provide as much education and services to keep them happy. In addition it is easier to keep High Wealth Sims away from the pollution that inevitably comes from Omega production. Elite MegaTowers can hold far more population in a small area than with regular RCI buildings. For our purposes you will want to try and keep your MegaTowers as self-contained as possible. It is important to keep an eye on your RCI proportions within the towers, so you don’t have too much of any given level.

At this point your city should be taking shape and you will be well on your way to productivity. Your Academy should start converting your Low Tech factories over to High Tech factories, which will help keep your pollution down, and your Omega business should be on your way to converting your entire city to omega consumers. With all that money you can get the Academy to work providing pollution scrubbers, clean energy, and advanced waste management, while taking advantage of the drone based services which will make for a productive, if somewhat dystopian police state. It’s a good idea to try and keep your wealthy Sims contained in your MegaTowers and it may be a bit of a challenge bouncing your focus between these systems but as long as you keep enough cash in your bank to keep the Omega flowing and keep your ControlNet online, you should find it a rewarding investment!

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How Things Work: Architecture and Space in SimCity
Jan 30, 2014  Cristian St. Aubyn, Senior Technical Artist


I'm Cristian St. Aubyn, a Senior Technical Artist at the Maxis Emeryville studio, and I work on the art creation process. Recently we released our Modding Policy; you can read that here. Modding is an important part of the history of our studio, and we're excited to see what you create.

Today, I'm happy to introduce you to the first in a series that we call "How Things Work". This series will help you understand the underlying ideas and processes of how we create game assets for SimCity. We hope that this gives insight and understanding that will help you create and build Mods.

This first blog is an introduction to how we create buildings in SimCity. Our pipeline is complex so I will start with a basic description of the building geometry and then go into the more involved topics later. For those interested, we use Maya in combination with a series of in-house custom tools to create almost all of our game models.

SimCity is a sandbox style game. A player's city can have an unpredictable combination of buildings, roads, and the like. Unlike "Levels" in more linear games we do not have strict control over the type and amount of geometry that needs to be rendered at any given time.

Our game engine needs to perform well regardless of the city that a player winds up creating. To address this issue we look at the play area and set various "budgets"; in this case polygon budgets which are based on the two dimensional space a game asset occupies.

Smaller buildings have lower polygon budgets, bigger buildings have larger ones. As long as all buildings stay within their budgets, a city filled from edge to edge with any combination of buildings should stay within the polygon limits of our rendering engine.

Here are a series of screenshots showing what various building geometry looks like.

This image shows one of the smallest buildings in the game, the "Shotgun Shack." It has the lowest polygon budget of all, but due to its small footprint it turns out to be a potential performance hog. While each one isn't very complicated, they can be placed very close together. When they all add up, a city filled edge-to-edge with "Shotgun Shacks" would represent a lot of polygons.

"Shotgun Shack"

Here's the "Highrise Office", an example of a larger more detailed building. Buildings like this take up much more area and therefore have higher polygon budgets.

"Highrise Office"
The repetitive nature of the middle of the building allowed us to concentrate most of the geometric detail at the street-level and at the top of the building where a player is more likely to see it.

"Highrise Office" Street Level
You can see that polygons have been used at the base to create architectural detail at the street level. This helps make the model unique compared to other tower style buildings. It also adds interest at the street level that players will see when they are zoomed in.

"Highrise Office" Roof
Considerable polygons were also focused on the top and roof of the model as this part of the building will show significantly as the game camera passed over the building.

"Medium" sized buildings can actually vary in size, but the lot space they take up on the game map affords then a higher budget than small buildings. While modeling such a building the polygons need to be used where they will give the building detail appropriate to its design.

The coal mine shown below needs to have a skeletal industrial look. Modeling this much cross bracing would not be possible in the budget allocated to small buildings. However, this relatively small building sits on a medium size lot and has a fairly generous budget for the physical size of the model itself.

"Coal Mine"

"Coal Mine" Detail

Level of Detail:

When a model is close, it needs a lot of detail, but when it’s seen from far away, it can be represented with simpler geometry.

This is common technique in game engines, and involves building multiple LOD’s (Level of Detail) for each model. Using LOD’s dramatically improves performance, and can also help mitigate aliasing and other visual problems.

In SimCity, buildings are authored in four LOD’s, going from the most detailed to the least detailed. The game engine automatically selects a given LOD based on the model’s distance from the camera.

LOD-0 is the highest resolution version, LOD-1 is reduced by 50%, LOD-2 is reduced by another 50%, and finally LOD-3 is reduced another 50%.

Here’s a High Wealth, Low Density House and its chain of LOD’s.

"Modern House" LOD-0
Highest polygon version of the model. In this case it is under budget so there is less difference between LOD-0 and LOD-1

"Modern House" LOD-1

Decorative details have been removed such as the balcony railings and the trim at the edges of the metal roves.

"Modern House" LOD-2

Geometry has been significantly simplified while maintaining the overall mass of the building. Curved shapes use less divisions and narrow elements such as the roof edges and decorative cross beams have been removed.

"Modern House" LOD-3

This LOD appears when the camera is at a significant distance from the model and the building will be fairly small on screen. Polygons have been removed everywhere possible leaving only the forms that would show a visible “Pop” if they disappeared when the model transitioned from LOD-2 to LOD-3.

Building Scale:

Technically speaking a Maya unit translates to one meter in our game engine. However, the assets in our game are not true to scale. Small elements are usually exaggerated and very large objects are scaled down. Consider the image on the right comparing a house, a three story building and the Empire State Building (which is over 1200 feet tall). If the game represented a modern skyscraper to scale small buildings, cars, and pedestrians would be all but invisible by comparison.

The best approach to creating a building in SimCity is to find something that “Looks” like the right size in the game and work from there.

A bit more about polygon budgets:

As I mentioned before polygon budgets are based on the area a building occupies. This is actually measured by the lot size of the building not the model itself. Square area is what is taken into consideration not volume. So a taller building is not allowed more polygons simply for being tall. Fortunately most tall buildings sit on larger lots and therefore have reasonable budgets compared to smaller buildings.

The budget is: 0.5 triangles per square meter (for LOD0)

As an example all Shotgun Shacks sit on 16m x 32m lots:

16m x 32m = 512m2
512m2 x 0.5 triangles / m2 = 256 triangles
LOD-0 = 256 x 100% = 256 triangles
LOD-1 = 256 x 50% = 128 triangles
LOD-2 = 256 x 25% = 64 triangles
LOD-3 = 256 x 12.5% = 32 triangles
For LOD-3, the “Shotgun Shack” would need to be reduced to 32 triangles or less. 32 triangles isn’t much, but when a player sees LOD-3 of a building, it’s pretty far away.

Our buildings fall into two categories:
"RCI Buildings": The residential, commercial, and industrial buildings that appear automatically in zoned areas
"Placed Buildings": The player placed buildings such as fire stations, power plants, tourist attractions, etc.

When creating Player Placed buildings we are often more generous on the polygon budgets for two reasons. Firstly, we want these buildings to look a little more interesting as they are special assets. Secondly, they typically show up in limited amounts; you cannot fill the playable area with City Halls for example.

When creating custom buildings you could of course ignore the budgets we follow, but keep in mind the performance problems. If high polygon buildings start to fill a city it will not only affect frame rate, it could even start to take up too much memory. This can become a significant problem on lower spec machines.

I hope this helps give you an idea of how to create building geometry that fit within budget. Next time, I will tell you more about the building shader we use. Here’s a sneak peak at how the building shader allows us to add detail, depth, color variations and more.

Unshaded geometry

Same Model in game with shader applied
Head over to our Modding thread here.

Until next time,
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Feb 05, 2014  George Pigula, Associate Producer

Challenge Type: Creative

Submitted by User: MAXIS
Region: Discovery Delta
City Site: Magnolia Wetlands
Restrictions: City must be created on or after Feb 5th, 2014. All submission images must be taken with the in-game tools. Post-editing is not allowed. In-game filters are allowed.
Start Date: Feb 5th, 2014
End Date: Feb 21st, 2014
Winners Announced: Feb 28th, 2014

Title: Swamps to Cityscapes
标题:Swamps to Cityscapes(沼泽地的风景)

Challenge: It is time to get those creative juices flowing. This month's challenge is to build up the swamplands of Magnolia Wetlands into a city that will impress the world. How much or how little you build is all up to you. Will you work with the terrain or against it? This challenge is all about the aesthetic and not at all about the performance of your city. Take all the time you need to craft the perfect urban landscape.

When you have finished your creation come back to the Challenge Forum and post your submission. You need to submit one beauty shot of your city that you know best shows off that city. You are required to submit one aerial shot so we can see the full layout of your city. It is recommended that you take these screenshots with high settings turned on. Feel free to include a link to additional photos of your city to share with other community members. Just remember that these images will not be looked at for the 1st round of voting.

The two submission images will be posted inside the Maxis Studio and voted on by the Maxis team. When the top 10 are narrowed down the vote will go back to the community. The polls will be open for one week. Submissions: To submit your city go here and post the following required info.
When entering your city include the following details (entries without these details will not be considered):

· Origin ID
Origin ID
· Server Name
· City Name
· Region Name
· City Glamor Shot
· City Aerial Shot
· Links to Additional Images

These details will be used to verify your entry and will be judged by a panel of developers from the Maxis studio. Eligible cities must be created on or after the start date of the Challenge. Cities created before this date will be disqualified. Only one submission per Origin ID accepted.
Maxis工作室的开发小组将会用这些信息来确认您在输入板面上的信息。符合条件的城市必须在挑战的开始日期或之后创建。在这之前创造的城市将会取消比赛资格。我们只接受一个Origin ID的信息。
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 楼主| 发表于 2014-2-6 17:06 | 显示全部楼层
黃泉劍主 发表于 2014-2-6 11:58
不过这个活动我们这有没有人参加 ...

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紅塵市長 发表于 2014-2-6 17:06
不过如果有人参加,发帖会发到官方论坛那里。至于官方要求的额外 ...

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[抱歉, 本论坛已禁止使用大号字体, 请修改]
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Mar 12, 2014  Associate Producer George Pigula

Challenge Type: Skill

Region: Desolation
City Site: Fallout Epicenter and Semipalantinsk Steppes
Start Date: Mar 11th, 2014
End Date: Mar 26th, 2014
Winners Announced: Mar 31st, 2014

Title: The Prosperous Desert
标题:The Prosperous Desert-繁荣的沙漠

Challenge: It is time to tackle the sand, tumble weeks, and nuclear contamination of Desolation. This month's challenge will require you to take on the ownership of multiple cities working together to make this region prosper.

The Fallout Epicenter was once the jewel of the desert. A group of eccentric billionaires would like you to make this a playground for the rich once more. Clean up the area and raise as many high wealth homes and offices as you can. Semipalantinsk Steppes lacks natural resources. The cheap land and easy access to highways makes it a prime location for the gambling industry to take root. This will be a perfect weekend getaway for those rich business men and women living just down the road.

These cities cannot exist alone though. You must create at least two more cities in the region with a population of 100,000 or more.

Submissions: To submit your city go to this forum post: CHALLENGE #4 and provide the following required info.

When entering your city include the following details (entries without these details will not be considered):

A screenshot of your Population Panel showing the # of workers in Fallout Epicenter.
A screenshot of your Gambling Panel showing the Profit Today
A screenshot of the populations of at least two more cities in your region that are 100k+ in population.
Origin ID
Origin ID
Server Name
City Names
These details will be used to verify your entry and will be judged by a panel of developers from the Maxis studio. Eligible cities must be created on or after the start date of the Challenge. Cities created before this date will be disqualified. Only one submission per Origin ID accepted.
Maxis工作室的开发小组将会用这些信息来确认您在输入板面上的信息。符合条件的城市必须在挑战的开始日期或之后创建。在这之前创造的城市将会取消比赛资格。我们只接受一个Origin ID的信息。
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已經不想玩了 還不出新東西 搞什麼挑戰~乾脆務實點 出大地圖 地鐵~  城市出入口~
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SimCity Offline Play Now Available for PC and Mac, New Details Inside
Mar 18, 2014丨Meghan McDowell, Producer

Hi. I’m Meghan McDowell and I’m the Producer for the Single-Player Mode for SimCity that enables Offline Play. Starting today Offline Play is available for all PC and Mac SimCity players worldwide. If you want more info on how we got here make sure you check out Simon’s Engineering Offline Blog where he talks about the 6 ½ month journey from conception to completion. I’m here to tell you more about how it all works.
嗨,我是 Meghan McDowell离线单人模式的制作人员。从现在开始,离线模式适用于全世界的PC&Mac的《模拟城市》玩家。如果你想看到关于更多的信息,点击Simon的离线工程博客这里,我们用了超过6个半月来商讨和完成它们。我在这里要告诉你们这是如何运作的。

Above is a screenshot of the new Main Menu for the game. Here you see two options, "Single-Player" and "Multiplayer". You will be able to switch back and forth between them so that you can still enjoy the benefits of the Online game (Multiplayer) or unplug and fly solo in Single-Player. Once you’ve put your game into Single-Player Mode, you won’t have to go Online again if you don’t want to. You can launch the game straight from your launcher, without an internet connection.

You’re already familiar with what Multiplayer entails, it’s the game that you’re currently playing today and all of that will remain unchanged. Let’s talk about the new Single-Player Mode.

It was our goal to make the Single-Player experience feel just as expansive and engaging as the Multiplayer mode. That meant that the core fundamentals of the game needed to remain intact: multi-city play, Regional interdependence, and city specializations. Every Region, building and core gameplay concept remains intact. When you lay down a road, when the Sims move in – this will all look and feel the same whether you play Online or Offline.

You can manage as many cities as you’d like within a Region and because they are stored locally, you have more options on how you decide to Save and Reload them. The new “Save As” option allows you to create multiple versions of your Regions and now you can turn off AutoSave completely so that you have full control over the save states of your Regions. This opens up more options for you to prod, tinker, and most importantly, destroy all of your little creations. I know that I can’t help but get a kick out of unleashing a giant lizard attack on my unsuspecting Sims without the fear of losing my progress.

It’s important to us that you retain control of the game you purchased and all the content associated with it. All of your previously downloaded content will be available for you to use in both Modes. This includes any of the Regions we’ve given away throughout the past year and any DLC you own.

So, what’s different in Single-Player Mode?

Players who choose to play Single-Player Mode will not have access to Online-only features such as Multiplayer, SimCity World, Leaderboards, Achievements, dynamic pricing of resources in the Global Market and Cloud Saves. I also want to point out that saved Regions cannot be transferred between Modes. This means that if you play a Region in Single-Player Mode, you will not be able to play it in Multiplayer. We want to keep the competitive aspects of the Online game intact.

Offline Play opens up a whole new world of possibilities for our Modders. They’ll now be able to Mod components of the game without harming the integrity of the Online game. It’s more than just buildings and palette swaps, they’ll be able to dig into the UI, modify the simulation and more. Yes we’ve mentioned Oppie’s Train Station in the past, but check out Guillaume’s fun UI Mods over at Simtropolis. Maxis has a long history of supporting Mods and we continue to be Mod friendly to this day. Take a look at our past if you want an idea of how we intend to manage our community of Modders for this SimCity.
离线模式开展了Mod新世界的可能性。这个不会涉及到在线游戏的完整功能和游戏文件。不单单是之前的改动贴图,可以更深入到用户界面,修改更多。我们之前已经提到了Oppie的Train Station,也可以看看Guillaume在Simtropolis的更多东西(都已转载到SCCN)。Maxis有着Mod开放的悠久历史,我们会支持Mod。如果你有更多打算来计划你的《模拟城市》经营,Mod社区很适合你。

To see more about how Offline works make sure to check out our new walkthrough video. Let us know if we can answer any additional questions for you. We’ve set-up this Forum thread specifically for Offline Play. It currently houses our FAQ which outlines some of your most common questions.

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lrdcq 发表于 2014-3-19 13:15

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我的显卡是GT240 512MB显存,能玩这游戏吗?
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 楼主| 发表于 2014-4-3 13:03 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
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Apr 04, 2014  MAXIS

Challenge Type: Creative
Submitted by User: MAXIS

Region: Titan Gorge
City Site: Hickory Ridge
Restrictions: City must be created on or after April 2nd, 2014. All submission images must be taken with the in-game tools. Post-editing is not allowed. In-game filters are allowed.
Start Date: Apr 2nd, 2014
End Date: Apr 23rd, 2014
Voting Period: Apr 25th - Apr 29th, 2014
Winners Announced: Apr 30th, 2014
Title: Rise above it all
标题:Rise above it all-挑战艰难
Challenge: The air is thin up on Hickory Ridge. Take a deep breath and soak in the vista. It is time to build your perfect mountain town. Show off your road laying skills as you attempt to climb the steep slopes. Will you build a quiet mountain town or reach further into the sky with steel skyscrapers?

When you have perfected your creation come back to the Challenge Forum and post your submission. You need to submit one post card shot which best represents your creation. You will also submit one aerial shot so we can see the full layout of your city. Feel free to include a link to additional photos of your city to share with other community members, but only post two images.

The two submission images will be posted inside the Maxis Studio and voted on by the Maxis team. When the top 10 are narrowed down the vote will go back to the community. The polls will be open from April 25th to April 29th.

There are no restrictions on game modes, expansion pack, or DLC content. Please do not include any Mod content for this contest.
不限模式、游戏版本、DLC。禁用MOD(←YOUR SISTER!)。

Submissions: Please provide the following information to this forum thread.

· Origin ID
Origin ID
· Server Name
· City Name
· Region Name
· City Glamor Shot
· City Aerial Shot
· Links to Additional Images


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